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While it feels like a large part of 2020 has been cancelled, the good news is that your health, fitness and nutrition are not. This year, more than ever, your nutrition and health are so important to your overall well-being and we want to make it even easier for you to focus on it. At Fairmont CrossFit we recognize the importance of nutrition and how it can not only help your overall health but also your performance inside and out of the gym. We are excited to start offering you a new way to focus on nutrition and hope you’ll find it as fun as your daily WOD.

Why Nutrition?

If you haven’t noticed, nutrition is the base of CrossFit’s pyramid. That means it is the foundation that holds up and supports your fitness. It is what keeps you energized, fueled, and healthy over the long term. It may not always be the most fun thing to focus on but it will help you see long term results both physically and mentally. We believe that nutrition should be a part of your weekly training year round. You may only train for 1 hour per day but you are faced with dietary and lifestyle choices for the remaining 23 hours and we don’t want you to miss out on those. Nutrition doesn’t need to be perfect for you to see results, but it does need to be prioritized. That’s why we are hoping this new offering (see below!) will help you build simple habits over time (just like you build strength and skill) that are long lasting and help to improve your overall health.

Okay, we can’t keep it a secret anymore, now introducing…..

Daily Nutrition WODs!

Hooray! We will now be offering (in addition to your normal WODs) Nutrition WODs! That’s right, you will now be able to not only workout your muscles but also your nutrition habits. It’s easy to get excited about what the next WOD will be but it can sometimes get overwhelming to figure out what to focus on when it comes to your nutrition.

Fear not! We are here to help. We will keep it simple and give you a nutrition WOD for the week that you can opt into any day of the week (we encourage daily participation if you can). The goal is to figure out how you can improve your nutrition WOD score over the week and throughout the year.

Already an ace at it? Great! There are harder WODs yet to come. Feel like the WOD is too hard? Good news, we will also have a scaling option to help work your way up to the Rx option. Just like your daily WODS we want these nutrition WODs to be challenging but also doable.

Scaling Options

CrossFit believes that every workout is scalable and we want you to feel the same way about your nutrition. This isn’t meant to scare you off; instead, it’s meant to encourage you to make small changes over time with the goal of eventually doing a lot of these WODs as second nature.

The scaling options are there to help you find a way to start that may not be as intimidating. For instance, instead of having to drink 80 oz. of water per day when you only drink 10 oz., perhaps we start small and get you drinking 32 oz. a day, that’s still a win!

Scaling is not meant to say you can’t hit RX, it’s meant to give you a stepping-stone to be successful with your nutrition. Eventually when we revisit a nutrition WOD you may find RX is a lot easier to hit. You can choose any day of the week to hit RX or scaled, it’s completely up to you.

Points System

Since we are a CrossFit gym and we love measuring progress, we wanted to make this fun and measurable. You will now be able to log your score daily as you would a normal WOD. That’s right, log your score and we will add your points up at the end of the month so that we cannot only track progress but also announce a winner. Sounds fun right?

Unless otherwise noted, the points will be as follows per day:
0 = did not complete nutrition WOD
5 = completed scaled nutrition WOD
10 = completed RX nutrition WOD

That means there are a total of 70 points available to you per week. We also encourage you to write some notes for yourself so you can tell us why a WOD went well or maybe why it didn’t. The more we know, the more we can help.
We cannot wait for you to get after these nutrition WODs and start seeing a positive change in your overall life. We hope you are excited as we are.

Questions? Just let us know!

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